Stacy Carter

Carter 2009

Chief Carter's 1996 Sgt. Cop Card
Carter's 1999 Sgt. Cop Card

Carter 2005

Photographed by: Heidi Provencher-Chase

Stacy has been with the Department since 1989, after 6 years with the United States Air Force. Stacy enjoys the challenges of investigative work on criminal cases. Stacy was Sergeant for approximately 11 years before being promoted to Lieutenant in February 2005. On December 23rd, 2005, Stacy was promoted to Chief of Police. He also enjoys being outdoors with his wife, Pam, and their two children. His hobbies include hunting, trapping and fishing.

Chief Carter's Safety Tip

Think before you act. Make good choices. There are consequences for all your bad choices. Be Truthful with yourself, your parents and have fun, but do it safely.
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