Former Rumford PD Officers


David Bodge

Photographed by: Heidi Provencher-Chase

Dave was a Police Officer for over 20 years. He was a member of the 1995 Special Olympics Torch Run Final Leg Team and had been involved with Maine Special Olympics for 10 years. David is married and has one child. He is a runner and weightlifter. David left Police work and resides in southern Maine.

Officer Bodge's Safety Tip

Pay attention to what you say and do. Others are listening and watching. Speed kills, so slow down and live.


Mark Cayer

Mark Cayer

Photographed by: Douglas Maifeld

Mark just rejoined the Department on December 27th, 2005.
Mark was promoted to Lieutenant in August of 2006.
Mark resigned on March 12th, 2008 to pursue a job as a Private Investigator.


Paul Casey

Paul Casey's Cop Card 2003
Paul Casey 2005

Officer Paul Casey joined the Rumford Police Department in March of 2003
and in June of 2004 graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy
with the Sidney Bridges Memorial Firearms Proficiency Award.
From December 2006 to September 2007, Officer Casey worked as the Domestic
Violence Investigator for the River Valley towns of Rumford, Mexico and
Dixfield. In February 2008, Paul left the department to pursue a career
as a Maine State Trooper. Officer Casey has also had training as a Field Training Officer.
Officer Casey's likable avenues in the job are traffic enforcement and OUI patrol.
Officer Casey has also been named the new project coordinator for the OUI emphasis program.
Officer Casey enjoys many hobbies including outdoor activities.
Officer Casey spends most of his free time with family.

Officer Casey's safety message is, "Don't drink and drive. Think of the devastation it would have on your
family if they were killed because a person who had been drinking could not take the time or effort to
call a taxi or designate a driver."


Jacqueline Cote

Photographed by: Heidi Provencher

Jackie had been with the Department from 1980 until leaving Police work in November of 1999. She was one of the first female Municipal Police Officers in the State of Maine. She is the mother of 10. Her hobbies include fishing, hunting, crafts and music. Jackie relunctantly resigned from the force due to a variety of illnesses.

Officer Cote's Safety Tip

The key to life's success is to be kind. Treat everyone like you would like to be treated.
Get a good education and be proud.


Jennifer Cramer

Ptl. Jennifer Cramer

Ptl. Jennifer Cramer

Hired as a Reserve in late 2007 and full time in February 2008.
Jen attended the academy in late 2008 and subsequently left to move to Seattle in early 2009


Eric Dewitt

Eric Dewitt's Cop Card 2003

Eric joined the Police Department in April 2003 and left in December 2003 to return to New Hampshire.


Mark Dow

Photographed by: Heidi Provencher-Chase

Mark resigned in the Spring of 1999 after 3 years Full-Time with the Rumford Police Department. In 2001, Mark re-entered Law Enforcement and worked for the Dixfield, Maine Police Department until February 2008. Mark held a variety of sales and service positions prior to his introduction to Law Enforcement in November of 1989. Before coming to Rumford as a full time officer. He served the Town of Rumford as a Reserve Patrolman for three years. Prior to that Mark worked Corrections for six years at the Androscoggin County Jail rising through the ranks to the level of Sergeant, Training Director before leaving in January of 1996. At that time he joined the Rumford Police Department full-time. Mark graduated the Maine Criminal Justice Police Academy in Waterville Maine. Graduating as Class President. Mark is married and has five children. Marks interests include swimming, hunting, reading, woodworking.

Officer Dow's Safety Tip

1) Always pursue safety. Seat belts, crosswalks, fire alarms and other safety devices are provided for your protection. Use them wisely. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help. The Police Department is there for you.
2) "Just Say NO"..A good policy for all. Drugs and alcohol will rob you of all that you count precious. They never give back as much as they take.


Robert Ellsworth

Robert joined the Rumford Police Department from Milo PD, Maine in 1999 and remained with the department until November 2002 when he took an assignment in the Kosovo Police Mission.

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Michael Halacy

Michael Halacy's Cop Card 2003

Michael joined the Rumford Police Department in 2001 and graduated from the 2nd Basic Police School at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro. Michael left the Police Department as a Full-Time Officer in January 2004. In March 2005, Michael returned to Law Enforcement taking a job as a deputy for the Oxford County, Maine Sheriff's Department.

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Roy Hodsdon

Ptl. Roy Hodsdon

Photographed by: Heidi Provencher-Chase

Roy has been in Law Enforcement since 1997. Roy began as a Reserve Police Officer with the Mexico Police Department. Later he joined the Rumford Police Department as a Reserve and in the summer of 1999 was hired full-time. Roy has traveled the world being the son of a retired Air Force veteran. In fact, Roy joined the Air Force for a short time with his specialty being Law Enforcment. On his off time, Roy enjoys running, working out, doing carpentry and spending time with his wife. Roy is a proud supporter of Special Olympics Maine. Roy attending the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Waterville in 2000 and has a twin brother Ray formerly of the Town of Mexico and Dixfield, Maine Police Departments. Roy and Ray were featured in a People's magazine article back in the Summer of 2000. Roy left the department for the Jay Police Department where he was employed only for a short time before returning to the area as a Mexico Police Officer. Roy is currently a Sergeant for the Mexico Police Dept.


Eric Lippincott

Ptl. Eric Lippincott

Hired as a Reserve in June 2007 and full time in July 2007.
Eric is formerly from Massachusetts.
January 2009, Eric left the department for another job at the
Scarborough, ME Police Department


Donald Mckeen

Photographed by: Heidi Provencher-Chase

Don left the department in February 2003 for Lewiston PD. Don had been with the Department since 1986. Don was the Departments (EVOC) Emergency Vehicle Operation Instructor and Accident Reconstructionist. He is trained in numerous fields, such as: HGN (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus) and GANGS. Don specializes in traffic enforcement and criminal investigations.

Ptl. McKeen's Safety Tip

1) There is a person killed in an alcohol related crash every 32 minutes. A person is injured every 30 seconds. About three (3) in every five (5) Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related accident during their life. Lets drive responsibly.
2) Traffic crashes are a major cause of death, serious injury and financial loss. Drive defensively and Buckle Up.

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Kim Scott Mills

Ptl. K. Scott Mills Cop Card 2006

K. Scott Mills 2008 ID

Mills was employed with the Rumford Police Department from January 2005 until October 2010.
Prior to becoming a Police Officer, he worked as a Corrections Officer for Kennebec County Sheriffs Department
and a Conservation Aide for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.
He attended Unity College and transferred to the University of Maine where I graduated with an Associates
Degree in Criminal Justice in 2005. Mills left for Augusta PD, ME in October 2010

In his spare time he enjoy fishing, hunting, golfing, going to the ocean, running and hiking.
He climbs Mt. Katahdin once a year. He loves to watch and play sports. His favorite team is the Boston Red Sox.
He loves spending time with his friends and family.

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination”.
Tommy Lasorda


Brian Remeika

Photographed by: Heidi Provencher-Chase

Brian left the Rumford Police Department in 2000 after a year with the department. Prior to working in Rumford, Brian worked as a Police Officer with the Town of Dixfield. Brian attended the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in early 1999. Brian is a 1985 graduate of Mexico High School (Merged with Rumford High School in 1989 and are now called Mountain Valley High School). Brian holds an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. Brian's hobbies include hunting, fishing, golfing and many other outdoor activities.

Probation Officer

Michael Simoneau

Photographed by: Heidi Provencher-Chase

Mike was the Probation Officer for the Rumford Area from 1999-2001 and has been a Probation Officer since 1995. Mike is a Desert Storm Veteran who served 12 years with the U.S. Army Military Police. Mike worked for 5 years with the Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer. Mike has an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Conservation Law Enforcement. In early 2001, Mike moved to the Southern part of the State to assume the same role. Good Luck Mike.

The Rumford areas new Probation Officer is Michael Downs. Downs grew up in the Rumford Area. P&P Downs can be contacted at the Rumford Office by calling (207) 364-3012.

Personal Message

I believe in keeping communities safe for children. Drinking and drugging are unsafe acts to you and to others.