Dan Garbarini

Sgt. Garbarini's 1999 Ptl. Cop Card
Dan Garbarini 2005

Photographed by: Heidi Provencher-Chase

Dan began working with the Rumford Police Department in 1996.
He became a Full-Time Police Officer for the
Town of Rumford in June of 1998.

Prior to his duties in Rumford, Dan served as
a full-time officer with the
Town of Lisbon, Maine Police Department for nearly two years.

Dan is originally from Rumford and opted to move back home.
Early in his career his specialty was traffic enforcement
with a primary focus on removing the drunk/drugged driver
off the road. Therefore, reducing the human and
economic losses associated with alcohol and drug
related motor vehicle crashes.

On in April 2005, Dan was promoted to Patrol Sergeant with an
additional duty of Detective Sergeant in December 2005 after
the retirement of Chief Bourassa.

On May 5th, 2008, Dan was promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant
in charge of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID).

On February 19th, 2009, Dan was promoted to the Rank of Captain
with the additional responsibilities of running the department
when the Chief is away.

Dan is also an active supporter of Special Olympics Maine.
Dan's hobbies include hunting, fishing, scuba diving and physical fitness.

Lt. Garbarini's Safety Tip

Seat Belts amd Child Restraint use are the most effective ways to protect yourself and your family in a traffic accident. However, many people do not take the simple steps that could save lives. Remember to Buckle Up!
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