Welcome to the Cop Cards of the
Rumford Maine Police Department.
Sergeant Douglas Maifeld originated the idea
of the Rumford Police Department having Cop
Cards (Law Enforcement Trading Cards).
Sgt. Maifeld, a D.A.R.E. Officer
has been with the department since 1988.

After speaking with a Sergeant with the
South Portland, Maine Police Department and
attending a Maine D.A.R.E. Officers
Association Conference in 1995, he thought it
would be a great idea to get Cop Cards for him
to hand out to each of his D.A.R.E. students.

In the fall of 1995, then Ptl. Maifeld became the
first Rumford Police Officer to receive Cop Cards.
He was impressed by the success and thought it
would be great if each officer of the department
had cards.

In the spring of 1996, while attending a Maine Special Olympics Conference, he was informed by another officer of the possibility of the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety sponsoring the department's Cop Cards. Sgt. Maifeld contacted, applied for a mini grant and was awarded a grant for the Rumford Police Department to purchase Cop Cards. A local Pepsi distributor also donated to help us purchase the cards.

The program had two objectives. The first objective was to help promote Highway Safety. The other objective was to have the Police Officers meet the citizens of Rumford, especially the youth in a positive way.

In 1996, the Rumford Police Department's first series was a 14 card set,
which was produced by Choice Marketing of Elwyn, Pennsylvannia (1-800-999-CHOICE).
The program began in the Fall and ran until May 1997.

The grant program was a great success.
It was such a great success that another series of cards were produced by Choice Marketing
and hit the streets in May of 1999 with two additional cards for newer officers
hitting the streets in December 1999. The 18 Cop Card Set is posted here.

In 2003, (7)-Seven additional Cards were produced by Kolor Klub Marketing
out of Vancouver, B.C. CANADA, for officers currently without cards.
These cards hit the street October 1st 2003, and included Ptl. James Bernard (Now Sgt),
Ptl. Paul Casey (No Longer with RPD), Detective Peter Casey,
Ptl. Michael Halacy (Currently with Oxford County Sheriff's Department),
Ptl. Eric Dewitt (Moved to New Hampshire) and the two D.A.R.E. Officers.

May 2006, (5)-Five additional Cards were released
and produced by Choice Marketing
for officers currently without cards.
These cards include Ptl. K. Scott Mills, Ptl. Matthew Noyes (Both no longer with the RPD),
Ptl. Lawrence Winson (Now Cpl.), Ptl. Mark Cayer (No Longer with RPD)
and Reserve Officers (Beale-No longer with RPD and Clukey).
An additional card for this set was released in
October of 2010 for Cpl. Douglas Maifeld (now Sgt.).

In October 2011, a new dual agency card was released
and produced by Choice Marketing
for Sergeant / Deputy Douglas Maifeld.
Sgt. Maifeld is currently the School Violence Prevention Officer
for Oxford County. In addition to his full-time duties with
the Rumford Police Department he visits all thirty school in
Oxford County as a member of the Oxford County Sheriff's Office.
The new card shows him in uniform for both agencies.

In February 2016, a new 12-Card Set was released
and produced by Choice Marketing for the whole department.
The cards were made possible by a Community Grant by Walmart
and will include a contest for the children in the coming weeks.

Thanks to the following local businesses for their sponsorships:

Visit Wal*Mart Visit Bangor Savings Bank Visit Franklin Savings Bank Visit Key Bank Now Hannaford

Visit McDonald's
Visit Mead Paper

Visit Subway
Visit Dunkin DonutsUnicel Cellular Phones

Adley Auto
Kaynor & Kreckle Law Offices
Dumas Law Offices
Cochran's Vinyl Siding
Porter Inc.
Xpress Rental-formerly of Rumford
Dan's Automotive
Happy Belly Deli & Wallace Wheels (No Longer in Business)
Stanley's Furniture
Z&Z Variety/Auto-Tech

If you have Cop Cards send them Sgt. Maifeld's way. He'll return the favor.

If anyone would like assistance setting up a Cop Card program contact:
Sgt. Douglas Maifeld

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