Reserve Officers


Brock Clukey


Fulltime State of Maine Game Warden,
works partime for the Rumford Police Department.

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Matthew Desroches

Cop Card Available (Image Pending)

He has been involved in Law Enforcement and private Security since 2009.
He began at Rumford PD as a dispatcher/Administartion officer.
He was a Patrolman from April 2014 - July 2018,
before leaving the department and remaining on as a reserve.
He enjoys spending time with his family and coaching sports with his children.
He enjoys having positive contacts with the community members.
He feels it is important for the youth in yhe area to know that not
all contacts with law enforcement have to be negative.
Every contact has a positive point, it just has to be brought to their attention.

Safety Tip:

Remember, one text or call, could weeck it all
Pull to the side of thw roadway to make a text or call

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James McLamb

Cop Card Photo Pending

James was hired for the Rumford Police Department in May of 2014 and left for the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office in 2016.