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On March 27th, 2018 Sgt. Douglas Maifeld held the
Rumford Police Department's 31st D.A.R.E.
program culmination celebrating our 30th year educating
the youth about the dangers of drugs and violence in the
River Valley area. Congressman Bruce Poliquin, was our Guest Speaker.
(101) 5th grade students from Rumford and Meroby
Elementary School and Holy Savior School will graduate. Congratulations!!!!!

2018 DARE Graduation Slideshow

To view the past 30 years of D.A.R.E.Culminations with the
Guest Speakers and the total of graduates Click Here.

The national D.A.R.E. program celebrated 35 years in 2018.
D.A.R.E. : Drug Abuse Resistance Education was started in Los Angeles,
California in 1983 by the Los Angeles Police Department and the
Los Angeles Unified School District. D.A.R.E. is a cooperative program
being conducted by Law Enforcement and School Districts
to prevent Drug Abuse in young people and to promote understanding
concerning their present and future roles as productive members of the community.

This program was originally taught by a Law Enforcement Officer
once a week for 17 weeks. The program has since been revised (2004 to 2012)
and consists of ten lessons with the option of adding lessons from the old program.
The D.A.R.E. lessons cover:
The D.A.R.E. Decision Making Module (Define, Assess, Respond and Evaluate),
Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, Peer Pressure, Friendship, Advertising,
Warning Labels, Assertiveness (Conifdent), 9 ways to be in Charge, a Review and
writing a commitment to stay drug and violence free Essay.
Self Esteem and the Violence lessons are supplements from the old curriculum.
For more on D.A.R.E.visit the D.A.R.E. web site.

The D.A.R.E. program like any great program is constantly being evaluated.
The D.A.R.E. program will continue educating our youth
of the dangers of drugs and violence.

The Rumford Police Department, Maine started our D.A.R.E. program in 1988.
In 2018, we celebrated 30-Thirty Years. This program wouldn't have been possible
if it were not for the hard work of Retired Police Chief Dewey Robinson and
Retired Lieutenant Wayne Gallant. Additionally, Sgt. Douglas Maifeld
has been teaching and in charge of the the program for the past 25-Twenty Five Years.
Today, one officer begins the Rumford D.A.R.E. program
in the Fall and ends with the Culmination in the spring each year.

The D.A.R.E. Program was transitioned back to the 5th grade level in January 2000
and is currently taught to the RSU 10 / Mountain Valley Region / Rumford area at
the Meroby Elementary School in Mexico and the Rumford Elementary School
and the Holy Savior School (Former St. Athanasius & St. John School) in
Rumford by D.A.R.E. Officer Sgt. Douglas Maifeld.

In the 30 years of the program, five different officers have taught in the
Rumford / Mexico area. Wayne Gallant, Denise Carrier, Douglas Maifeld,
Andrew Collora
(Mexico PD) and Tracey Higley.

Prior to the 1999-2000 School Year, D.A.R.E. was taught
at the 6th grader level. Over the course of twelve years from 1988-2000 our program
was taught at the 6th grade level at the Mountain Valley Middle School in
Mexico and the St. Athanasius & St. John School in Rumford.

Craig Wade, Lt. Wayne Gallant and Ptl. Douglas Maifeld at Rumford's 1998 DARE Graduation

The above photo was taken at Rumford's 10th Annual D.A.R.E. Graduation in 1998.
Craig Wade, a former D.A.R.E. student, from Peru, Maine, took one of the D.A.R.E.
Lessons to the next level. The D.A.R.E. lesson being Alternatives. In Alternatives we
teach kids there are activities in life they can chose other than using drugs. Craig
choose to race and boy did he race. Craig in his first year won nearly all his races
and won the Championship. Craig continued to race throughout his teens and
we at the Rumford Police Department were proud to sponsor Craig and
are proud of him for his accomplishments and choosing to stay drug free.


Greig Parr
2002 Maine Educator of the Year

April 18th, 2002 at the 13th Annual State of Maine D.A.R.E.
Officers Association Conference
, Greig Parr a Teacher at
Meroby Elementary School was chosen as 2002 D.A.R.E. Educator of the year.

June 2003, MeadWestvaco donated a loaded 1998 Ford Explorer XLT
to be decorated and used as Rumford PD's D.A.R.E. Vehicle.

Review of former D.A.R.E. Curriculum

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