"Rumford Police Department Photos:":

January 1959 Department Photo:

Back Row: Stanley Kaubris, Robert Gill, Timothy Ronan, Robert Perry, Robert Ross & Leo Martin
Front Row: Sgt. Albin Gestaut, Sgt. Willart Watson, Chief Albert Theriault,
Lt. Henry Giroux, Sgt. Reynold Lizotte; Absent from the photo: Stanley Wagnis

February / March 1968 Department Photo:

Back Row: (Patrolmen) Dwight Mills, William McCaffrey, Duane Phelps, Antonio DeSalle,
Robert Ross, Craig Bryant and Girard Lambert
Front Row: Sgt. Stanley Kaubris, Sgt Reynold Lizotte, Chief Albin Gestaut,
Lt. Henry Giroux and Sgt. Robert Gill; Absent from photo: Ptl. Dewey Robinson

December 1999 Department Photo:

Back Row: Ptl. Eric Richard, Ptl. Michael Richard, Ptl. Tracey Higley, Ptl. Roy Hodsdon and Ptl. Mark Dow
Middle Row: Ptl. Donald McKeen, Ptl. F. DAvid Bean, Ptl. Daniel Garbarini and Ptl. Douglas Maifeld
Front Row: Sgt. Hart Daley, Lt. Wayne Gallant, Chief Timothy Bourassa, Sgt. Stacy Carter & Sgt. George "Chip" Cayer
Absent from Photo: Sgt. Michael Buotte

December 2005 Department Photo:

Left to Right: Sgt. George Cayer, Ptl. Peter Casey, Sgt. Daniel Garbarini, Ptl. Matthew Noyes
Ptl. Lawrence Winson, Ptl. K. Scott Mills, Chief Timothy Bourassa, Ptl. Charles Beale
Ptl. Douglas Maifeld, Ptl. Paul Casey, Ptl. F. David Bean, Ptl. James Bernard & Lt. Stacy Carter
Absent from Photo: Sgt. Tracey Higley

October 2006 Department Photo:

Back Row: Lt. Mark Cayer, Parking Enforcement Officer Mary Gallant, Ptl. Douglas Maifeld,
Ptl. Matthew Noyes, Ptl. Charles Beale, Ptl. Peter Casey, Ptl. George Cayer and Chief Stacy Carter
Front Row: Sgt. Daniel Garbarini, Sgt. James Bernard
Absent from photo: Ptl. Tracey Higley, Ptl. Paul Casey, Sgt. F. David Bean,
Ptl. K. Scott Mills and Ptl. Lawrence Winson (Academy)

September 2009 Department Photo:

Left to Right: Chief Stacy Carter, Ptl. Ian Theriault, Sgt. F. David Bean, Sgt. Tracey Higley,
Cpl. Douglas Maifeld, Ptl. Michael Belanger, Ptl. Lawrence Winson, Ptl. K. Scott Mills
Det. Sgt. James Bernard, Cpl. Matthew Noyes and Capt. Daniel Garbarini;
Absent from photo: Ptl. Donald Miller (Academy)

February 2011 Department Photo:

Capt. Daniel Garbarini, Ptl. Brad Gallant, Ptl. Donald Miller, Cpl. Lawrence Winson
Ptl. Joseph Sage, Sgt. Douglas Maifeld, Sgt. Tracey Higley, Ptl. Dave Hodgson
Chief Stacy Carter, and Det. Sgt. James Bernard. Absent: Ptl. Michael Belanger

October 2013 Department Photo:

Reserved Ptl. Dave Hodgson, Sgt. James Bernard, Ptl. Daniel Carrier, Cpl. Donald Miller,
Chief Stacy Carter, Sgt. Tracey Higley, Capt. Daniel Garbarini, Cpl. Lawrence Winson,
Ptl. Brad Gallant and Sgt. Douglas Maifeld

Rumford PD December 2015
December 2015 Department Photo:

Ptl. James McLamb, Ptl. Lawrence Briggs, Ptl. Matthew Desroches, Sgt. Tracey Higley,
Capt. Daniel Garbarini, Chief Stacy Carter, Det. Peter Casey, Sgt. James Bernard,
Cpl. Lawrence Winson, Ptl. Brad Gallant and Sgt. Douglas Maifeld

Rumford PD November 2017
November 2017 Department Photo:

Administrative Assistant Tonya Lewis, Det. George Cayer, Ptl. Lawrence Briggs
Ptl. Matthew Desroches, Cpl. Lawrence Winson, Sgt. Tracey Higley
Chief Stacy Carter, Capt. Daniel Garbarini, Sgt. James Bernard
Sgt. Douglas Maifeld, Ptl. Brad Gallant, Ptl. Ashley Rich and Ptl. Austin Couture

Douglas Maifeld

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