"History of Rumford Police:":

The Rumford Police station formed in 1904 consisted of 4-officers
and a working Chief. Today, the department is made up of a Chief, Captain
and eight patrol officers. Currently it consists of 3-Sergeants, 1-Corporal
and 4-Patrol Officers and a Utility Officer.

The current department house is on the riverside of the Town Municipal
buidling. The Police Department hired an Administrative Assistant in
September of 2016. Citizens can once again stop at the police department
8:30 am to 2:00 pm and speak to someone at the window as was previously
done when it was a full-time dispatch center until 2004.

The former dispatch center was open during business hours from 2007 until
July 12th, 2013. Dispatching is still 24 Hours through the Oxford County
Regional Communications Center (1-800-733-1421) in South Paris.

Rumford PD remains a temporary holding facility (Jail)
for Northern Oxford County.

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