Activity Report

Hello Rumford! In the good old days, we all relied on the local newspaper and coffee shops to find out what is happening around town. Today, most news outlets and residents rely on police scanners and social media to expand upon what someone thinks they hear and soon it becomes news. Sadly, more often than not, that fast-spreading information is often inaccurate or quite simply false. Media outlets also get to decide what stories get published or not. As community partners, the Rumford Police Department is committed to transparency and providing people with factual information to the extent permitted by law. Whether the information is good, bad, embarrassing to us or not, if we are legally permitted to release the information about our calls, we will do so! Our community is entitled to know the facts and is entitled to know what their officers are dealing with on a daily basis. Our goal is to return to the "good old days" of providing the public a weekly summary of all calls of service we respond to.  I expect that you'll soon see that we keep very busy just responding to calls - the vast number of criminal investigations  and time consuming report writing are another matter altogether! Stay safe Rumford!   ~Chief Tony Milligan