Employment Opportunity

Police Officer




The Rumford Police Department is seeking motivated, qualified candidates who value integrity and service to the community for the position of full-time police officer.

Updated 08/17/2022

Our professional and dedicated force of 15 sworn officers and administrative staff provide a teamwork approach to provide public safety to a community of nearly 6,000 people. Our team is governed by the highest ideals of honor and integrity in professional and personal activities and believes in a proactive approach to community policing by being problem-solvers and working closely with the people we serve to provide a safe environment to live, work and play. Rumford is the business center for the region and sits within the picturesque western foothills of Maine. There are unlimited opportunities for outdoor recreation in the region including hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, skiing, snowmobiling, ATV riding, general aviation flying and flight training, as well as a wide variety of indoor activities, groups and social clubs.

The police department takes a very proactive approach to investigate, deter and prosecute crime and being an advocate to victims of crime. To empower our officers with the tools they need to be successful in their duties and to encourage professional growth, the department believes in keeping officers well trained and offers ample in-service training opportunities. We also have various specialty opportunities including assignments to the Criminal Investigation Division as a Detective, assignments to state and/or federal task forces, K-9 Handler, School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, M.A.R.C. Instructor, Drug Recognition Expert and other opportunities as they become available.

Benefits package for this position includes ample overtime and premium detail-pay opportunities (at $65.00 per hour), wage step increases, longevity pay, educational incentives, tuition reimbursement, physical fitness incentives, annual clothing allowance, employee and family medical health and dental coverage with medical out-of-pocket expense reimbursement, cash in lieu of medical insurance if covered by another plan, income protection insurance, up to 225 hours of annual paid vacation, up to 900 hours of earned paid sick leave plus access to a sick leave bank for additional paid leave time if needed, paid funeral leave, comp leave, 13 paid holidays and personal leave, department-issued, take-home cell phones with “unlimited-everything”, complimentary hot meal for unscheduled, mandatory overtime, Field Training Officer stipend, and a 25-year retirement plan. Starting pay scale for Patrolman ranges from $22.63 to $26.15 per hour depending on experience (5% increase on July 1, 2023). Lateral entry applicants are eligible for cash incentives of up to $10,000.00 - see www.rumfordpd.com for details. Employment preference may be given to Maine Criminal Justice Academy graduates or equivalent certification, however prior law enforcement experience is not required.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES include but are not limited to

  • Patrol an assigned geographic area and

    • respond to non-emergency and emergency calls for service;

    • monitor traffic and enforce traffic laws by issuing warnings and citations;

    • complete incident reports as required;

  • Perform criminal investigations, including but not limited to interviewing witnesses, collecting physical evidence, and thoroughly completing required documentation;

  • Assist the public and other law enforcement agencies;


  • Have the ability to learn and employ a wide variety of law enforcement methods and techniques in resolving complex and sensitive criminal, civil, and social disputes;

  • Have the ability to work under stressful conditions;

  • Have the ability to conduct investigations, interviews, and follow-up;

  • Have the ability to administer first aid;

  • Have the ability to work irregular hours, including shift work and call-outs.

  • Have the ability to apply incident command structures in an effort to maintain scene control;

  • Have the ability to effectively problem solve on the strategic and tactical levels;

  • Have the ability to control aggressive person(s);

  • Have the ability to communicate effectively;

  • Have the ability to write concise and detailed reports;

  • Have the ability to properly use and maintain Rumford Police issued equipment;

  • Have the ability to quickly assess available facts and make sound decisions;

  • Have the ability to use and maintain firearms correctly;

  • Have the ability to work without immediate supervision.


  • A valid driver's license

  • A high school diploma or equivalent and twenty-one (21) years of age.

  • A passing score on the ALERT test (administered by Maine Criminal Justice Academy).

  • A passing score in the 40th percentile on a physical fitness test (administered by Maine Criminal Justice Academy). Test must have been completed within the last year.

Applicant(s) will be required to pass a background investigation, medical exam, physical agility test, polygraph and psychological exam as part of the selection process and/or as part of a conditional offer of employment.


Interested applicants must submit a completed application (may be downloaded from www.rumfordpd.com), cover letter, current resume and required documents as outlined in the application to Chief Tony Milligan - Rumford Police Department, 150 River Street, Rumford, Maine 04276.


This employment position is available now. All applications meeting the minimum qualifications will be considered until a selection is made. The Town of Rumford is an equal opportunity employer.



BLUE PIN – means a police officer trained and certified by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA) who has successfully completed all required training and attained the required certifications needed to work as a full-time officer in Maine, or has been trained and certified as a full-time police officer in another state and that training has been reviewed by the MCJA and deemed “substantially similar” to Maine’s training/certification standards and that officer has been granted a training waiver and passed a Maine police officer certification exam.

GREEN PIN – means a police officer trained and certified by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA) who has successfully completed all required entry-level training and attained the required certifications need to work as a part-time officer in Maine. Such training/certification level is minimal and the officer is restricted on the number of hours they can work and functions he/she can perform.

WAIVER – is a process which the MCJA conducts to evaluate whether or not a police officer trained and certified outside of Maine meets the “substantially similar” standards for Maine full-time law enforcement officer certification and qualifies for a waiver from attending the full 18-week training program. Maine typically has higher standards than other states and not all certified police officers from other jurisdictions qualify for a waiver. Those who are successfully granted a waiver will be required to pass a Maine certification exam and may be required to take an abbreviated Maine laws training course. Only officers hired full-time by a Maine law enforcement agency can apply for the waiver process.

BLUE PIN - Hired for Full Time Employment

$4,000 for applicants with 2-years’ experience or less

($2,000 paid upon completion of FTP)

($2,000 paid upon completion of 1-year probationary period)

$5,000 for applicants with 3-years’ experience

($2,500 paid upon completion of FTP)

($2,500 paid upon completion of 1-year probationary period)

$8,000 for applicants with 4-years’ experience

($4,000 paid upon completion of FTP)

($4,000 paid upon completion of 1-year probationary period)

$10,000 for applicants with 5-years’ experience

($5,000 paid upon completion of FTP)

($5,000 paid upon completion of 1-year probationary period)

GREEN PIN – Hired for Full Time Employment

$2,000 for applicants

($250 paid immediately upon hire)

($250 paid upon completion of FTP)

($500 paid after completion of 10 post-FTP shifts)

($1,000 paid after successful completion/graduation of 18-week MCJA BLETP)

BLUE PIN – Hired for Part Time Employment

$500 for applicants

($100 paid upon completion of FTP)

($400 paid upon completion 6-post FTP shifts)

*A waiver from MCJA means that the Maine Criminal Justice Academy has reviewed the applicant’s training and certifications from outside of Maine and made a determination that the training received is “substantially similar” to the standards of training provided by MCJA to become a certified police officer in Maine. In such cases, an applicant being awarded a waiver will be required to successfully pass a certification exam before being formally certified as a police officer in Maine. Maine standards are often higher than other states and most federal/military training academies and therefore many outside-trained applicants are not granted waivers.