Issued by: Chief Tony Milligan, Rumford Police Department

February 17, 2022: Rumford Police and Maine State Police Tactical Team takes armed robbery suspect into custody

On Wednesday evening, Troopers from the Maine State Police Tactical Team arrested BRIAN L. WELCH, 37, at his apartment at 307 Franklin Street in Rumford for warrants charging Armed Robbery, Class A felony, Criminal Threatening With A Dangerous Weapon, Class C felony, Reckless Conduct With A Dangerous Weapon, Class C felony, and Theft, Class E misdemeanor. The warrants had been issued as a result of an armed robbery that had occurred at a residence in Paris on January 8th.

Since the incident in Paris, the Maine State Police and Rumford Police had been working jointly to locate Welch and take him into custody. Officers had reason to believe that Welch was living on Franklin Street in Rumford and had ties elsewhere. Officers also believed Welch to be armed with multiple firearms and considered him potentially dangerous.

On Wednesday evening, officers learned that WELCH was seen driving his vehicle around town and immediately alerted the Maine State Police and other agencies to be on the lookout. Later that evening, officers observed Welch’s vehicle in the driveway of 307 Franklin Street in Rumford and confirmed that he was in the 2nd floor apartment. Given the nature of the crimes and the high risk of a potentially violent reaction from Welch, officers called in the Maine State Police Tactical Team to assist with the apprehension. Rumford Police established a perimeter around the residence while waiting for the tactical team to assemble and prepare for the operation. Police evacuated the first floor tenant before the tactical team surrounded the apartment and ordered Welch over a bullhorn to come out unarmed and with his hands up. Within 10 minutes, Welch complied and was taken into custody without further incident. Maine State Police and Rumford Police later searched Welch’s apartment and seized a number of firearms and ammunition. A portion of Franklin Street was closed for an hour during the incident.

(Chief Tony Milligan, Rumford Police): “These types of operations can go many ways. Surrounding a potentially armed and dangerous suspect and utilizing a specialized team and trained negotiators to talk the suspect out is, in most cases, the safest way to affect an arrest. It is safer for the suspect, the officers and the neighborhood. I am very pleased with our long-standing partnership with the Maine State Police and the safe outcome of last night's incident. It was resolved fairly quickly and smoothly.”

Rumford Police transported Welch to the Oxford County Jail where he was held on $10,000.00 cash bail. He is expected to make his first appearance in Court on Friday afternoon at 1:00 pm in the South Paris District Court.