Issued By: Chief Tony L. Milligan (chief@rumfordpd.com)

RUMFORD - Chief Tony Milligan of the Rumford Police Department announces the arrest of DUSTIN HOMEWOOD, 22 of Hollis, Maine charged with Aggravated Trafficking in Fentanyl, Class A felony, Aggravated Trafficking in Methamphetamine, Class A felony, Aggravated Trafficking in Suboxone, Class A felony, Aggravated Trafficking in Ethylphenidate, Class A felony, Threatening Carrying of a Concealed Weapon, Class D misdemeanor, Refusing To Submit To Arrest or Detention, Class E misdemeanor, Possession of Firearms by a Prohibited Person, Class D misdemeanor and Violation of Conditions of Release, Class E misdemeanor.

On Sunday morning at approximately 11:13 a.m., Rumford Police officers responded to a report of a man possibly impaired by alcohol or drugs operating a Jeep Compass who had nearly struck the gas pumps at the Circle K Convenience Store on Bridge Street in Rumford. Officers responded and found the man appearing to be unconscious behind the wheel of the vehicle. The officers were able to wake the man and got him out of the vehicle to investigate further and assess his ability to drive.

When the driver appeared excessively nervous, gave the officers a false name, and began reaching for something in his pants pocket, the officers conducted a patdown and discovered a loaded .22 caliber pistol and a set of brass knuckles in his pants pocket. Officers took custody of the weapons and continued their investigation into the man’s identity and level of possible drug impairment.

Officer Donald Miller, a certified Drug Recognition Expert, began evaluating the driver for drug impairment and obtained indications that the driver may have recently used illicit drugs. Simultaneously, Officer Bradlee Gallant and his drug-certified K-9 “Niko” began an inspection of the man’s vehicle. Immediately as the K9 alerted to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle, the driver took off running from the scene. Officers gave foot chase for approximately 50 yards and successfully deployed a Taser to incapacitate the man. He was taken into custody and transported to the Rumford Hospital for an evaluation. The man was later identified as DUSTIN HOMEWOOD, 22 of Hollis, Maine and was medically cleared and taken to jail.

Officer Gallant and K9 Niko conducted a search of HOMEWOOD’s vehicle and discovered an unusually large cache of drugs, cash and more weapons. Approximately 3,700 doses of bulk Fentanyl, 10 doses of Methamphetamine, 10 doses of Ethylphenidate, and approximately 6 doses of Suboxone were seized. Along with the drugs, the K9 Team also found another loaded 9mm pistol, $972 in suspected drug proceeds, several hypodermic syringes and associated drug paraphernalia, digital drug scales, and small plastic bags commonly used by drug dealers to distribute individual dosage units of drugs for sale to customers. Also found in the vehicle was court paperwork indicating that HOMEWOOD had been arrested by Buxton, Maine Police on May 13th for aggravated trafficking in fentanyl, Falsifying Physical Evidence, and two counts of Violation of Conditions of Release after police seized 240 doses of fentanyl, scales, three firearms and other evidence relating to drug trafficking from HOMEWOOD at his Buxton home.

Chief Tony Milligan of the Rumford Police said, “The amount of fentanyl and other drugs seized in this case is shocking. Our investigation has revealed that HOMEWOOD had been staying in Rumford for a while and with this amount of deadly fentanyl available for drug-seeking customers, we could have been looking at a substantial number of overdose cases.”

The estimated street value of the fentanyl seized in this case is $148,000. “This may be our largest seizure of fentanyl to date in this area, certainly for our K9 Team.

Rumford Police Detectives and Troopers with the Maine State Police assisted with the initial investigation and will continue working together as the case develops further. Rumford Police investigators also plan on collaborating with drug agents in Southern Maine to determine the scope of HOMEWOODS’ drug trafficking operation.

HOMEWOOD was transported to the Oxford County Jail in South Paris and was arraigned earlier this afternoon. The Judge set bail in the matter at $10,000 cash. Because of the seriousness of the drug charges, the prosecution will be handled by the Attorney General’s Office.

Anyone with information about this case or other drug cases are encouraged to share their tips with Rumford PD at www.rumfordpd.com/submit-a-tip. Reports can be made anonymously.