11/06/2020 Citizens awarded Chief's Commendations

Posted by Chief Tony L. Milligan, Rumford PD

November 6, 2020: Very honored to present Chief's Commendation Awards to 8 citizens at last night's Board of Selectmen's meeting. Congratulations to David Renaud, Denny Theriault, Dan Richard, Donny Bradley Eric Giroux, Brian Lyle, Darin Buono (not present), and Jacob Burgess (not present). These citizens acted as Good Samaritans by helping to protect the protectors or other citizens and represent excellent role models of civic-minded citizens.

DAVID RENAUD - on the evening of July 13, 2020 on Maine Avenue in Rumford, officers responded to complaints of an intoxicated and violent man out of control smashing windows and threatening residents in the neighborhood. When Officers arrived, the blood-covered, intoxicated man turned his aggression towards the police and began fighting with them. Citizen David Renaud was present and saw what was happening, and immediately sprung into action, and with no regard for his own safety, helped the officers restrain the man and helped handcuff the suspect. While there were some scrapes and bruises, and exposure to potentially dangerous bodily fluids, the quick assistance provided by citizen David Renaud very likely prevented more serious injuries or a potentially tragic outcome.

DARIN BUONO AND JACOB BURGESS - on the evening of August 8, 2020 at a retail store in Rumford, a young female store clerk reported being inappropriately fondled by a man. After the man left the store, two young men who had been shopping spoke with the clerk who was now crying, and learned what had happened. Those young men, Darin Buono and Jacob Burgess took action without regard to their own safety by remaining in the parking lot to protect the clerk and make her feel safe until police arrived. When the man returned and attempted to re-enter the store, the young men intervened by approaching the man, and causing him to leave. They further assisted police by providing a description, which resulted in the suspect being located, and possibly prevented a more serious incident from occurring.

DENNY THERIAULT, DAN RICHARD, DONNY BRADLEY, ERIC GIROUX AND BRIAN LYLE - On August 12, 2020, on Falls Hill in Rumford, a Rumford Police Officer by himself, was attempting to subdue a non-compliant man, which resulted in a struggle in the middle of the road, and was unable to immediately call for help. citizens Denny Theriault, Dan Richards and Donny Bradley, as well as Rumford Fireman Brian Lyle and Rumford Highway worker Eric Giroux happened to be driving by at the time and without regard to their own safety, provided assistance to the officer by stopping traffic, calling dispatch for additional help, and physically helped to gain control of the individual so the officer could safely apply restraints without injury to anyone.

In each of these cases, these people acted as Good Samaritans by helping to protect the protectors or other citizens and represent excellent role models of civic-minded citizens.