Request Records

The Rumford Police Department is pleased to provide this convenient portal for anyone to make a request for public records held by us. Rules and procedures defining which records are deemed public and which records are deemed confidential, and the associated procedures  are governed by Maine's Freedom of Access Act (Title 1 M.R.S.A. Section 401 et seq.).

The Right-To-Know Advisory Committee created a Citizen's Guide to help people understand and navigate the Freedom of Access Act. You can view and download a copy of that guide here.

To assist you with making a request for public records, we have created this online form for you to use. Although use of this online portal is not mandatory, and providing us your name and contact information is also not mandatory, it is helpful to have this information so that we may more efficiently comply with your request. If you'd prefer to call (207-364-3449, option 1) us or visit us in person (150 River St, Rumford, ME) to make your request, you may do so, otherwise, we would encourage you to make your request online.